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Young Talent. There is no shortage. We are describing a young man or woman, with a gift, a creative spark in their soul, just yearning to burst into flames.

These are people we know, our friends, neighbors, classmates and relatives. We know them simply as “Ben” or “Sara”, and they are friends to all.

They joined the Young Talent Initiative where they have a safe and inviting outlet to express their gift, and are mentored by kind and loving volunteers who see the genuine beauty in all that they do.

The Young Talent Initiative is dedicated to young creatives ages 16-21.

It showcases their talent and creative abilities in state of the art formats, and strives to help its members reach new heights on a personal level, the likes of which they previously did not deem possible.

YTI prides itself by being the first ever Rabbinically endorsed creative arts organization, and has plans for growth and national expansion.

Think back to your youth. Imagine if you had such an outlet growing up, where you could just be yourself, do what you love to do, and be unquestionably accepted, and indeed EMBRACED for being just that!

You have the chance to ensure the next generation has this crucial void filled.

Consider partnering with the YTI today, and Rock on!

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